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Join our team, and you’ll be part of a pioneering organization committed to perfecting the patient experience. We strive to provide a positive, dynamic environment for our team, and believe in a healthy work-life balance. It’s not only good for our employees – it helps provide a better experience for our patients. There’s a reason many of our people have been with us more than a decade. We invite you to see why.

miVIP’s Employment Benefits include:

  • Excellent medical and dental care, including prescription drugs
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Paid holidays, personal days and vacation
  • miVIP is an Equal Opportunity Employer

For Surgeons

Our focus is the same as yours – ensuring your patient receives the most excellent care possible. To achieve this shared goal, we support you and your patients with a team of knowledgeable, dedicated medical professionals, in a positive, nurturing environment.

Proudly, we are a national leader in minimally invasive robotic surgery, and utilize state-of-the-art technology, including the revolutionary da Vinci® Surgical System. But even more important than the technology are the experts performing the procedures. So we’re committed to establishing the most supportive environment possible for our surgeons.

In a rapidly changing healthcare landscape, miVIP strives to be a source of stability and quality for our patients and surgeons. We deliver the best possible care for our patients, and we need only the finest surgeons to do it. Sound like you?

Benefits our miVIP surgeons enjoy:

  • Membership in a highly regarded team of world-class robotic surgeons
  • Highly experienced operating room technicians and nurses to provide consistent support and outcomes
  • The presence of an experienced surgeon first assistant, RN first assistant or PA throughout the entire procedure
  • Saturday surgery times for surgeon convenience
  • Quick turnaround in the operating room
  • Joint Commission Accreditation and Medicare Certification
  • Quality assurance through on-site medical and administrative management, and university affiliation
  • Additional training opportunities available in robotic surgery, empowering you to continue deliver the most cutting-edge care for your patients

Physician Portal

Visit Our Facilities to Test the da Vinci Si Surgical Robotic System

miVIP invites other surgeons and physicians to visit our facilities to test the cutting edge da Vinci Si Surgical System to see for themselves why the robotic technology is so innovative and why it’s used to conduct minimally invasive surgeries. Our leading miVIP surgeons are not only here for patients, they’re here for physicians as well. Learn more about innovative surgical and medical technology firsthand at our surgery centers.

miVIP Value Points

miVIP offers world class surgical services to physicians and patients alike. A few of our value points include:

  • Our medical staff is made up of exemplary robotic surgeons
  • The miVIP operating room techs and nurses are highly experienced and trained in the use of cutting edge robotic surgery
  • Rapid turnover rate in our operating room
  • We make sure that an experienced and robotically trained surgeon first assistant, RNFA or PA is present with the primary surgeon in order to help them with each and every outpatient robotic case from beginning to end.
  • Joint Commission Accreditation and Medicare Certification are just two examples of our stamps of quality medical care
  • On site medical and administrative management and university affiliation takes care of miVIP quality assurance
  • Saturday surgery times
  • miVIP also makes sure that patients meet all of the criteria necessary for outpatient robotic surgery

Get in Touch With Us

Our world leading surgeons are some of the absolute best in the field and are more than happy to teach other physicians about robotic surgery technology. If you’re a physician and you’d like to schedule a visit to a miVIP Surgery Center to test out the da Vinci Robotic Surgery System for yourself, get in touch with us today by calling 855-496-4847.

Join the leaders in minimally invasive surgery. Contact miVIP today, or call us at 855.496.4847.

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