Gain a greater understanding of our minimally invasive surgical solutions for endometriosis*.

Our expert physicians use the da Vinci® Surgical System, the latest state-of-the-art surgical device created to ensure that every procedure is performed with unrivaled precision. This system enables surgeons with the ability to more safely remove abnormal tissue while preserving vital organs.

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Endometriosis is a painful condition that effects reproductive-aged women, primarily in their 30s and 40s. The condition occurs whenever the endometrial lining (interior tissue) grows outside of the uterus.

While usually restricted to the uterus (on rare occasion), endometriosis can spread beyond the pelvic area. The tissue growth responsible for the condition may lead to fertility issues if left untreated.


At miVIP Surgery Centers, identifying the most effective treatment approach for endometriosis starts with a one-on-one consultation with one of our board-certified surgical experts.

During your consultation, our world-class physicians will work closely with you to understand the risks, benefits, and costs of each possible treatment approach in order to pinpoint the treatment that’s right for you.

Some of the most commonly employed treatment solutions for endometriosis are:

Minimally Invasive Surgery – Laparoscopic surgery is performed using several small incisions to perform the procedure. This outpatient surgery allows for minimal pain and faster return to normal activity.

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Endometriosis Resection – During this laparoscopic procedure is performed through the small incisions adhesions (scar tissue) can be removed and endometriosis can be treated by excising the abnormal tissue. Many women previously treated with other methods can now be helped more effectively using robotic technology.

Hysterectomy – During this procedure, the entire cervix or uterus is removed. This is reserved for the most extreme cases, as it removes the possibility for pregnancy.


Candidates for our minimally invasive endometriosis surgical procedures have been reproductive age women (especially in their 30s and 40s), who have conditions impacting their reproductive health including pelvic pain, painful menses, pain with intercourse, and inability to get pregnant.

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