A Minimally Invasive Way
to Treat Prostate Cancer


HIFU is a therapy option for localized prostate cancer that may offer a balance between treating cancer and maintaining quality of life. It is an outpatient, minimally invasive, radiation-free procedure that in many cases allows patients to return to their normal daily routines immediately following the procedure, except for those affected by the catheter.

Sonablate uses precisely focused ultrasound waves (HIFU) that, when delivered, raise the temperature of the targeted prostate tissue to 80-90 degrees Celsius in 2-3 seconds. This rapidly-fired heat destroys the targeted tissue while leaving healthy structures outside the focal zone unharmed.

During the course of the procedure Sonablate captures real-time ultrasound images of the prostate gland and the surrounding areas. From these images, physicians plan where the ultrasound energy will be delivered. Features, such as neurovascular bundle detection and tissue change monitoring (TCM), allow the physician to plan treatment around important structures and confirm treatment has been performed in the ablation zone.

Customized Plan for Each Patient

Due to the precision and flexibility of Sonablate HIFU, physicians can decide on a customized treatment plan tailored to each patient’s prostate cancer diagnosis.


  • Out-patient procedure
  • Radiation free
  • Fast patient recovery
  • Can be repeated as necessary and does not exclude other treatment options
  • Allows user to treat a wide variety of diagnoses including:
    • Localized whole-gland prostate cancer treatment
    • Focal therapy/partial gland treatment
    • Salvage treatment (recurrent prostate cancer/ radiation failure)

Who is a Candidate for HIFU?

Sonablate® HIFU may be effective for men who have early stage, localized prostate cancer that has not spread or metastasized outside the prostate. It is recommended that you discuss your individual medical records and history with a physician in order to confirm whether or not you are a candidate for Sonablate® HIFU.

Sonablate® HIFU may also be an effective therapy for recurrent prostate cancer when patients may not have any other treatment options. Many patients, who have had primary therapy for prostate cancer, experience a rise in PSA years later and discover that the cancer is back. These patients may be candidates for the Sonablate® HIFU treatment as well.

Sonablate® HIFU

miVIP Surgery Centers is the first and only surgery center in the United States to offer the procedure using the Sonablate®. This minimally invasive medical device developed by Focus Surgery, Inc. (Indianapolis, IN), uses high intensity focused ultrasound to treat prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). The Sonablate® may be an appropriate treatment for the thousands of men who will be diagnosed with the disease.

Features of the Sonablate®

The Sonablate®, recently approved for use in the United States by the FDA, is the only HIFU device for prostate cancer that:

  • Ensures patient comfort during procedure,
  • Allows physician the flexibility to treat large prostates (up to 50 grams) with no TURP,
  • Incorporates 3D imaging for enhanced prostate visualization of irregularities and for ease of treatment planning by physician and;
  • Allows the physician to plan therapy using real-time ultrasound images of the prostate.