About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

When the Pain is Simply Unnerving

The median nerve is a nerve that runs through the wrist and leads to the fingers and the hand. The nerve is protected by the carpal tunnel, which is a passageway that runs down through the palm side of the wrist. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when pressure is put on that nerve, which causes pain and other symptoms in the forearm and the wrist. The fingers and hand often feel the symptoms as well. At miVIP Surgery Centers, we offer minimally invasive carpal tunnel surgery options as treatment for your condition.


The orthopedic surgeons at miVIP Surgery Centers are highly qualified and experienced to tackle any carpal tunnel surgery, regardless of the cause. While there are many cases that offer different causes, some of the most common causes of carpal tunnel include:

  • Injuries such as a wrist fracture, as it narrows the carpal tunnel to create irritation of the nerve.
  • Diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis that cause swelling and inflammation of the wrist.
  • Obesity and pregnancy.
  • Repetitive activities that may be work related, hobbies, sports, or more, including typing or playing a musical instrument.


The symptoms of carpal tunnel that may lead you to seeking out carpal tunnel surgery may start gradually, and you may not give them a second thought. It typically begins with aching in the wrists, extending to the hands and forearm. In addition, some symptoms you may feel include:

  • Weakness in the hands, including a weak grip that forces you to drop things unintentionally.
  • Tingling or numbness that begins in the fingers and often spreads to the hand, and specifically in the thumb. This may happen while gripping a steering wheel, waking up, or while simply performing everyday tasks.
  • Pain that begins at the wrist and extends up the arm to the shoulder, or down the arm to the fingers or palm. This typically happens on the underneath side of the arm and wrist, and often occurs after repetitive use.


At miVIP, we have world class orthopedic surgeons to take care of your carpal tunnel surgery. With minimally invasive procedures, patients are able to recover more quickly and get back to the activities that they enjoy the most, without too much down time.

Carpal tunnel release surgery is an alteration of ligaments that allows more room for the tendons and nerves in the wrist. Our orthopedic surgeons take special care to ensure that your surgery provides you with the best results and the fewest complications.


The carpal tunnel release surgery will decrease the pain, numbness, and other symptoms that you have felt with carpal tunnel. Most individuals are cured or greatly healed by this procedure. If your condition lasted for a long time before surgery, you may continue to feel effects, but they will be much less.

For more information on the minimally invasive procedures performed by our experienced orthopedic surgeons, contact miVIP Surgery Centers today at 855-496-4847.


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