Obesity is An American Health Epidemic

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According to the Center for Disease Control, one-third of Americans suffer from obesity, defined as a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 or higher. Obesity is the accumulation of excess body fat, which can cause major health problems, interfere with everyday activities and even shorten your life.

What are the causes of Obesity?

While genetic factors or a low metabolic rate can contribute to obesity, the main cause is almost always behavior. Unhealthy eating habits and a lack of exercise make it difficult to burn off accumulated calories and maintain a healthy body weight. Once a person is obese, starting an exercise program is challenging, as many obese people are trapped in a pattern of inactivity and overeating. Depression, anxiety, and stress can also contribute to obesity in many people.

What treatment options are available for Obesity?

A medically supervised diet is a good first step, with many diet options available. Exercise programs can be started gradually, according to the needs of the individual. Some exercises can also be done at home. Even small changes in your daily lifestyle can make real changes in your body weight over time.

If exercise and diet aren’t enough, Bariatric surgery is a safe, effective option. You can meet with one of our surgeons for a free evaluation or seminar to discuss the possibility of weight loss surgery. Visit our medical library to learn more about Bariatric surgery.

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