Orthopedic Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

Orthopedic shoulder impingement syndrome is a condition in which the shoulder joint becomes inflamed, causing pain and restricting movement. The syndrome occurs when the shoulder rotator cuff or the bursa around it become irritated, leaving less room for motion and leading to further inflammation. At miVIP Surgery Centers, arthroscopic shoulder surgery is offered to correct shoulder impingement syndrome.

People who need treatment for orthopedic shoulder impingement syndrome today have more advanced options than in the past. At miVIP Surgery Centers, we can frequently perform arthroscopic shoulder surgery, which is not an open surgery. This means that our patients enjoy a lower risk of complications and a shorter recovery time. An arthroscopic shoulder procedure can restore motion and reduce pain for people with shoulder impingement issues.

Causes of the Condition

There are a number of causes of orthopedic shoulder impingement syndrome. These include:
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Natural bone shape or formation that limits space in the joint
  • Bone spurs, or projections that develop along the edges of bones near joints
  • Work or hobbies that involve repetitive arm or shoulder motions
Limiting repetitive motions and stretching the shoulders before strenuous activity can lower the risk of this condition. However, shoulder impingement syndrome is not always preventable.

Common Symptoms

There are many symptoms that can characterize orthopedic shoulder impingement syndrome. Most victims experience pain and swelling. Pain may be felt primarily when the arm is extended or lifted, and some people may even notice a grinding or locking sensation in the shoulder joint. Some people also feel pain from pressure and cannot sleep or put weight on the affected arm.

Treatment Options

Surgery can correct shoulder impingement syndrome if non-invasive options fail. For some people, medications, therapy, and lifestyle changes can improve the condition, albeit gradually. For more severe cases, surgery can remove any bone spurs and inflamed or damaged tissue that are contributing to the condition. At miVIP Surgery Centers, surgery to correct a shoulder impingement is offered on an outpatient basis. Recovery does take a period of weeks, but patients who limit physical activity and follow any physical therapy guidelines may regain shoulder joint mobility without any associated pain.

Additional Information

Orthopedic shoulder impingement syndrome can often become harder to live with over time because the condition can exacerbate itself. Initial inflammation will restrict space in the joint, which leads to a cycle of pinching, swelling, and more loss of space. People who seek treatment early can avoid pain and sometimes even experience a shorter recovery time.

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