Is Surgery The Best Option For Treating Your Sinus Problems?

If you struggle with sinus problems, miVIP can help bring your health and wellness goals within reach.*

Everyone has sinus issues from time to time, whether seasonal allergies or colds and flus. However, if sinus issues are a daily struggle, and medications and home treatments don’t help, you should discuss treatment options with an ENT specialist.

What are the causes and symptoms of Sinus Pain and Pressure?

Sinus discomfort is usually caused by allergies or illness. However, many people have more serious, chronic sinus problems. Symptoms can range from mild pressure and discomfort to extreme pain, a feeling of the face and head being “stuffed,” swelling, and pain radiating through the jaw and teeth, and down the neck. Here are a few causes of sinus pain and problems.

  • Narrow sinuses: A genetic trait that can cause your sinuses to become blocked more easily, or have difficulty draining.
  • Deviated septum: This can be inherited or caused by an injury, and may cause sinus problems, snoring, and trouble breathing.
  • Extra sinus: About 10% of the population has an extra sinus, and narrows the space for sinuses to drain.

What are the surgical treatments for Sinus Pain and Pressure?

If common treatments fail to relieve chronic sinus pain, surgery offers a more permanent and effective solution. We provide two minimally invasive techniques that have had great success in treating chronic sinus sufferers.

  • Sinus Image-Guided Surgery This outpatient procedure uses an endoscope with a lens and camera to allow the surgeon to accurately perform the surgery without damaging healthy tissues, and results in minimal pain and recovery time. Visit our medical library to learn more about Sinus Image-Guided Surgery.
  • Ethmoidectomy – The removal of the infected parts of the sinuses using an endoscope and a surgical instrument called a microdebrider. This surgery allows the sinuses to drain more freely and reduces the chances of further infection. Visit our medical library to learn more about Ethmoidectomy.

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*Individual results may vary.