Spinal Fracture

What is a Spinal Fracture?

Spinal fractures can be caused by traumatic accidents, and the risk of this injury can be increased by certain health conditions. Some spinal fractures do not require surgery, but often, these injuries lead to pain and instability, which can invite additional injury. When this is the case, the experts at miVIP Surgery Centers recommend spinal surgery.

Technology to treat spinal fractures has improved significantly in recent years. A number of minimally invasive spinal surgery options are now available at miVIP Surgery Centers. We also provide spinal injury victims with all of the spinal fracture information currently available so that they can make the best decision on treatment.

Spinal Fracture Statistics

The American Association of Neurological Surgeons estimates that 8 million women and 2 million men have suffered from vertical compression fractures in the spine. The AANS also notes that the condition is more prevalent among older people. An estimated 44 million Americans have either low bone density or osteoporosis, increasing the risk of a spinal fracture.

Causes and Risk Factors

As mentioned above, health conditions that affect bone density or strength can increase the risk of spinal fracture. Traumatic spinal injury can also result in a fracture. Spinal injuries most frequently occur during falls, motor vehicle accidents, violent encounters, and physical activities.

Common Symptoms of Spinal Fracture

Sometimes spinal fracture symptoms are obvious. Other times, people come across spinal fracture information and are surprised to realize that they may have the condition. Symptoms include:

  • Back pain that decreases when the person lies down and increases when the person stands upright
  • Sharp back pain that comes on suddenly
  • Back pain that occurs during small daily strains, like objects that are only moderately heavy
  • Difficulty or pain when bending over or turning to the side
  • Gradual decreases in height
  • Gradual deformation of the spine
People who think that they may have the condition can obtain more spinal fracture information by visiting an expert for diagnosis.

Treatment Options

When pain caused by a spinal fracture is severe or causes other harmful effects such as limited mobility, surgery may be necessary. At miVIP Surgery Centers, minimally invasive spinal surgery including lumbar fusion surgery and cervical fusion surgery are offered. Many patients are able to walk within hours of the procedure and return to light activity and sedentary work after recovery.

Spinal Fracture Prognosis

A spinal fracture can become increasingly painful and debilitating over time. People who have suffered from one compression fracture also have a greater risk of sustaining a second, according to the AANS. Treating one fracture early can help strengthen the spine and prevent future health complications.

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