About Torn Ligaments

Torn Ligaments

Ligaments connect the bones together at the joints. The fibrous tissues that form ligaments are flexible, but they can only stretch so far. Ligaments that are overly strained can tear, causing pain, limiting mobility, and sometimes requiring surgical treatment. miVIP is an orthopedic procedures surgery center that can repair ligament tears in various parts of the body.

People who are looking for torn ligament information will find that means of repairing torn ligaments have advanced significantly. At miVIP Surgery Centers, minimally invasive ligament repair is performed. Although any ligament injury will take some time to heal, minimally invasive procedures generally allow a swifter recovery.

Causes of Ligament Tears

Physical activity or accidents like an unexpected fall can result in a ligament tear; often, twisting or unexpected strains cause tearing. People can reduce the risk of ligament tears by stretching to make the ligaments more limber. People who enjoy activities like soccer that require quick, strenuous motions should be especially careful to stretch regularly.

Torn Ligament Symptoms

Often, when a ligament injury occurs, people are immediately aware that something is wrong. The symptoms of a torn ligament include:

  • An audible sound at the time of the injury
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Bruising or even a visible indent
  • Limited range of motion at the joint
People who notice these symptoms should visit a doctor for more torn ligament information. A doctor can determine whether repair at an orthopedic procedures surgery center is necessary.

Treatment Options

After a ligament tear occurs, it is important to rest and ice the joint. Splints and compression garments can help protect mild injuries during healing. However, in severe cases, the joint will be unstable and surgery may be necessary to reattach or reconstruct the ligament. miVIP is an orthopedic procedures surgery center that offers minimally invasive ligament repairs. Our surgeons use an arthroscope, or a small camera on a tube, so that they only have to make tiny incisions around the joint. Occasionally, open surgery is necessary, but this is a last resort for cases of severe damage.

Torn Ligament Outlook

The prognosis is positive for people who visit miVIP Surgery Centers for torn ligament repair. After surgery and a rehabilitative program, many of our patients return to light activities quickly and have recovered after six weeks. People who have torn a ligament have a greater risk of sustaining the same injury in the future, so it is important for patients to take precautions. However, many people regain mobility and flexibility after receiving treatment at an orthopedic procedures surgery center.

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