New da Vinci Myomectomy Technology

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The da Vinci Surgical System is the most modern surgical equipment for robotic myomectomy available. A robotic myomectomy is a term used to describe the removal of uterine fibroids in a less invasive manner than traditional myomectomy. Uterine fibroids are benign growths (non-cancerous growths) in the uterus. These tissue formations can cause a number of problems for patients which include issues with fertility; heavy menstrual bleeding that can lead to anemia; pain or pressure in the abdomen; pain during sexual intercourse; back pain; and severe cramping. Some patients experience few symptoms and are diagnosed with uterine fibroids after an ultrasound is conducted due to concerns regarding infertility.

Historically, many women have opted to delay surgery and cope with symptoms at home due to the invasive nature of myomectomy procedures and lengthy recovery times. Postponing the surgery would often result in a more invasive procedure due to the growth of the fibroids and the subsequent need to remove excess tissues later on. Determining the best candidates for robotic surgery often depends on a number of different factors that should be discussed with a surgeon. Many women choose robotic myomectomy surgery due to shorter recovery time and superior results.

How is Robotic Myomectomy Surgery Performed?

Options for the removal of uterine fibroids used to be sub-optimal at best. Prior to the advent of robotic myomectomy surgery, a hysterectomy was commonly used, and the uterus was removed along with uterine fibroids. Many patients choose not to undergo a hysterectomy due to concerns about future fertility or personal concerns associated with the removal of part of the female reproductive system. A traditional myomectomy required a lengthy recovery time due to large incisions. And, an open operation was often used in order for the surgeon to have necessary visibility and maneuverability. However, the introduction of da Vinci Myomectomy provides a less invasive option for patients today.

Da Vinci Myomectomy is performed by a surgeon with the use of robotic technology. The end results of the robotic surgery are superior in the following ways:

  • The incisions made are around the size of a dime.
  • Surgeons do not have trouble preforming the procedure due to limited visibility.
  • There is less risk of excessive bleeding, infection, and scarring.
  • Recovery time is weeks shorter, and patients can return to normal activities faster.

Robotic myomectomy gives surgeons the ability to operate with the accuracy and precision of open surgery without making a large enough incision to make open surgery viable. Smaller incisions can help expedite patient recovery time, reduce the risks associated with the operation, and give patients superior results.

About the Surgeons at miVIP

The surgeons at miVIP have access to the best surgical equipment available, such as the top-tier da Vinci Surgical System. In addition to the best surgical robotic equipment, the surgeons as well as the support staff at miVIP have extensive training in the latest best practice for myomectomy procedure and post-operative treatment. Our surgeons strive to put patient comfort and wellness first by learning cutting-edge robotic surgical techniques. Learning new robotic procedures is one way our expert surgeons conduct procedures that yield superior results, both during and after the recovery process.

What Patients Can Expect After a Robotic Myomectomy

Patients can expect a much shorter recovery time after a robotic myomectomy surgery than after a non-robotic myomectomy surgery. In addition, some patients that have previously undergone a robotic myomectomy can experience a healthy pregnancy in the future. Almost any surgery that requires incisions presents a risk of scarring and infection. However, robotic myomectomy surgery uses smaller incisions. Patients can also expect fewer general post-operative complications associated with recovery as recovery time is typically markedly shorter.

Typical Cost of a da Vinci Myomectomy

The patient is ultimately responsible for the cost of the procedure. We accept most PPO and POS insurance plans. It is recommended that patients contact their health insurance providers directly for more information about individual out-of-pocket expenses in addition to different payment options for in-network and out-of-network insurance providers. Health insurance providers can give individual patients the most accurate estimate for patient expenses, and our friendly staff can help file insurance claims.

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