Preparing for Minimally Invasive Surgery.

miVIP is here to guide and support you on surgery preparation*.


Pre-Surgery Preparation – From picking you up, bringing you in to appointments, taking care of insurance – they take care of everything. They are going to take care of you through each step.

Your comfort and peace-of-mind is vital to your health. We’re here to make your experience worry free from the start, so you can focus on getting stronger and healthier. Every step of the process, we’ll help you prepare and answer any questions you have.

Our medical team must make sure our candidates are healthy enough to have a procedure performed in an outpatient setting. Each patient must be approved by one of our Directors of Surgery, according to the standards outlined in the Medical Clearance Requirements. This will protect your safety and ensure you the best possible outcome.

Preparing for Minimally Invasive Surgery

For the best possible outcome and recovery, it’s essential that you’re well prepared for your surgery. Proper preparation includes:  

  • Writing down any questions you have and discussing them at your pre-operation consultation.
  • Making transportation arrangements to and from the surgery center.
  • Buying any supplies you’ll need for your recovery.
  • Getting all necessary pre-operative medicines that you might need, and following your physician’s orders.
  • Gathering all supplies and clothing you’ll need the night before your surgery.

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*Individual results may vary.