Preparing for Minimally Invasive Surgery.

miVIP is here to guide and support you through surgery.

Your comfort and peace of mind are important to us. We understand that electing to have surgery* is never an easy choice. Our goal at miVIP is to eliminate any anxiety and stress surrounding your decision by providing support and services that bring calm and confidence to your choice.

At miVIP, we provide insurance coverage verification and a consultation with the miVIP expert so you can get all your questions answered right from the start. Your patient advocate will walk you through your next steps — right up to procedure day, and even beyond.

Even though our surgeons specialize in providing minimally invasive surgery — using advanced technologies and approaches that are associated with smaller incisions, minimal scars, less pain and a faster recovery — it is still surgery!

We’re here to make your experience worry-free so you can focus on getting healthier. No matter what type of surgery you are preparing for—a prostatectomy, hysterectomy, hernia repair, or weight-loss procedure—our patient advocates and the miVIP medical team will address your concerns and answer your questions at every step of the treatment process.


You Are the VIP at miVIP!

Pre-Surgery Preparation – From picking you up and bringing you in for appointments to handling insurance details for you – miVIP takes care of everything! We support and guide you through each step as you prepare for surgery.

Your Safety Is the Top Priority at miVIP

Our medical team must make sure our candidates are healthy enough to have a surgical procedure performed in an outpatient setting. Each patient must be approved by one of our Directors of Surgery, according to the standards outlined in the Medical Clearance Requirements. This will protect your safety and ensure the best possible outcome.

Preparing for Minimally Invasive Surgery at miVIP

For the best possible outcome and a comfortable and speedy recovery, it’s essential that you are well prepared for your surgery. To make sure you are fully prepared for your visit to our surgery center, we have prepared a pre-surgery checklist for you, which includes:

  • Writing down any questions you have and discussing them at your pre-operation consultation
  • Making transportation arrangements to and from the surgery center
  • Buying any supplies you might need for your recovery
  • Getting all necessary pre-operative medicines that you might require, and following your physician’s orders
  • Gathering all clothing and personal items you’ll need the night before your surgery

At miVIP, you will be matched with one of our patient advocates, who is ready to assist you with any other information you require regarding your surgery.

Call miVIP today at 844.237.5067 to begin preparing for your minimally invasive surgery.

*Individual results may vary.