Join our group of world-class surgeons.

We are a national network of state-of-the-art ambulatory surgery centers equipped with the most innovative surgical technology available, including the latest-generation robotic da Vinci® Surgical System. When it comes to minimally invasive surgery, miVIP Surgery Centers and the da Vinci® have optimized physician success rates and elevated the ASC patient experience.

Education and Training

Intuitive® Surgical, makers of the da Vinci, have designated miVIP Surgery Centers as National Mentor Observation Sites. Our leading surgeons make themselves available to proctor other surgeons on robotic-assisted procedures. We love partnering with great physicians, advancing your surgical expertise, and doing all we can to serve you and your patients at our leading surgery centers!

Visit one of our surgery centers to test-drive the da Vinci and find out how we support our surgeons and provide their patients with exceptional care. Call us today at: 844-237-5067

VIP Support for You and Your Patients

Our VIP services are appreciated by physicians as well as patients. At miVIP, we make sure every surgeon and every patient feels like a VIP. Our facilities are staffed by dedicated operating room teams that partner with you to consistently provide A-level surgical support for excellent outcomes. We will match each of your patients with a personal miVIP Patient Advocate (PA). The PA works with you and your office as a “medical concierge” to guide your patients through every step of the patient journey for a smooth, coordinated experience before, during and after surgery.

At miVIP, you’ll find a supportive environment of colleagues who are committed to applying the latest technology and the best surgical practices, complemented by outstanding patient care.

Why Physicians Choose miVIP

miVIP has perfected surgical care in the outpatient setting. Whether you are a referring physician seeking world-class, minimally invasive surgical treatment for your patients, or you are a surgeon seeking a highly rated, premier ASC that offers you access to the latest minimally invasive equipment on the market, miVIP delivers. Your patients are in good hands, too! We augment our unparalleled surgical support with compassionate patient care.

miVIP Surgery Centers are located in Southern California, Nevada, Florida and New York.

miVIP Value Points Include:

  • Established university affiliations
  • Licensed by the Joint Commission and other recognized accreditation organizations
  • Convenient scheduling, including weekends
  • Blocked surgery times, quick turnaround times
  • Assistance with patient selection, insurance verification, and clearance
  • Patient education and guidance
  • Coordination of patient aftercare
  • Transportation when needed, for you and/or your patients
  • Proactive marketing & business development

miVIP is growing…grow with us!

As we grow, we are always looking for ways improve our services and our partnerships with surgeons and referring physicians. We welcome your thoughts or any questions you have about referring a patient. We look forward to working with you!

Get in Touch With Us

Our leading surgeons are some of the very best in the field and are more than happy to teach other physicians about robotic surgery technology. If you’re a physician and you’d like to schedule a visit to one of our miVIP Surgery Centers to test drive the robotic da Vinci Surgical System for yourself, get in touch with us today by calling 844-237-5067.

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