Events for Doctors & Healthcare Professionals

Are you a physician seeking to earn some CME credits? miVIP Surgery Centers often host CME events featuring our expert surgeons, who provide presentations on up-to-the-minute surgical/medical topics, typically around the benefits of robotic-assisted surgeries in one of the many medical specialties we cover.

CME events sponsored by miVIP are typically held at local restaurants so you can enjoy a nice meal while earning your credits, and also network with other professionals from your area.

miVIP continuing education events are for doctors and healthcare professionals working in our service regions: Southern California, Nevada, and Southeast Florida.

Do you wish to receive an invite to our next CME event? Call miVIP at 855-516-4847 to join our CME mailing list!

Earn CME Credits!

Call miVIP at (855) 516-4847 to learn about upcoming CME events in your area.

Expand Your Network, Boost Your Online Reputation!

Already an miVIP physician? Represent miVIP as a featured speaker at a CME event geared to other physicians in your service area. Or, address your presentation to a live consumer audience on a featured topic during one of our miVIP Healthy Living Seminars.

Ready, Camera, Action! miVIP would love to feature you on-camera for a Facebook Live Q&A Event that will be broadcast to our online consumer audiences.

Healthcare consumers love Facebook Live videos! Choose a robotic-assisted surgery topic you are passionate about and would enjoy discussing in front of the camera. Our miVIP marketing team will help you set up to broadcast and record your 20- to 30-minute presentation from the comfort of your own office, or at the miVIP Corporate Office in California. Health consumers will join your live feed. Once you complete a short presentation, you can invite viewers to ask questions via the live chat feature. You can answer questions on-camera, in real-time. After you’re done, we’ll post your recorded video on the miVIP Facebook Page, where online audiences can click and watch at their convenience.