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**Requested times not guaranteed until confirmed by the miVIP Marketing Team**

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**Requested times not guaranteed until confirmed by the miVIP Marketing Team**

  • Facebook Live Events are a LIVESTREAM – i.e. a video broadcast going out live to Facebook users.
  • During these streams, users are able to submit written questions to the doctors which the doctors can then answer verbally and in real time.
  • These events are formatted in a Q&A style with the doctor offering only information, not a diagnosis. We include HIPAA waiver and telemedicine disclaimers approved by the miVIP legal team for each event.
  • The length of the Facebook Live events is up to the doctors’ discretion but tend to be about 30-60 minutes in length.
  • There is also roughly 30-60 minutes of prep work by the doctors needed before each event. This involves the doctors coming to the miVIP clinic a day or two prior to the event to do a test-run.
  • After the live broadcast is over, the videos then remain on our Facebook Live Page for people to view. They may also be put up on our webpage or any other social media or digital platform we deem appropriate (such as YouTube, for example).
  • The miVIP Marketing Department retains the right to remove any videos at any time and/or to cancel any scheduled live stream at any time and for any reason.
  • No requested times are official until confirmed by the miVIP Marketing Department.
  • Event times are based on historical data from miVIP Marketing Department as to which times have the best engagement.

Facebook Live Event Requirements

If you’re using your personal computer to run the Facebook Live event, here are some essentials that you will be needing.

1. Desktop/Laptop Web Camera

Minimum of 720p, but for the best results 1080p or higher would be ideal.

2. Fast and Reliable Internet Connections

This is going to be the most important! If you do not have a strong connection to the internet, viewers will experience lag issues and latency from your Live Stream

You can test your intenet speed by going to www.speedtest.net

HD Broadcast

  • 1. 1920×1080 (1080i/p HD) – minimum 3.5Mbps upload speed
  • 2. 1280×720 (720p HD) – minimum 1.8Mbps upload speed
  • 3. 720×480 (480p) – minimum 200kbps upload speed

SD Broadcast

  • 1. 720×480 (480i SD) – minimum 350kbps upload speed
  • 2. 640×480, 640×360 – minimum 300kbps upload speed
  • 3. 320×240, 320×180 – minimum 200kpbs upload speed

Team Viewer (Software)

You can visit www.teamviewer.com/en-us/download/ to download

Make sure to install the software to your OS (Operating System)

OBS (Software)

You can visit www.obsproject.com/download/ to download

Make sure you install the software to your OS (Operating System)

Facebook Account

This account be a personal or business account

We will need this account to access the following page – www.facebook.com/miVIPSurgeryCenters

Please note, if (1) and (2) are not up to the requirements and/or the connection suffers latency/lag, we will need to find other options or reschedule the event once the hardware adn software issues are resolved.