Severe Plantar Fasciitis May Require Surgery

When symptoms of plantar fasciitis are not relieved by any non-surgical treatments for the condition, surgery may be necessary. According to a post by Janet Pearl, MD, MSc, on “The Doctor Weighs In” healthcare blog, injuries in the plantar fascia that aren’t properly treated can progress. Plantar fascia injuries can lead to undue tension in the ligament, causing a gradual degeneration. In these cases, a surgical procedure called a Plantar Fascia Release is often recommended by podiatry specialists.

Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery for Plantar Fasciitis

The primary aim of Plantar Fascia Release surgery is to release the tension on the plantar fascia, providing pain relief and flexibility in the foot. Plantar Fascia Release can be performed via either an open surgery or a minimally invasive endoscopic surgery. For open surgery, which is a more invasive approach, the surgeon cuts open a small area in the bottom of the foot to gain access to the plantar fascia and properly view it.

In minimally invasive endoscopic surgery, only very small incisions are made in the foot, allowing the surgeon to insert an instrument equipped with a micro camera that allows better visualization of the ligament and the release of the plantar fascia. Because it is less invasive, endoscopic surgery typically results in a shorter recovery time with less pain for the patient. However, the surgeon’s recommendation of open versus endoscopic surgery generally depends on a patient’s anatomical characteristics and their individual case. In other words, while minimally invasive surgery is usually preferred, it isn’t always an option in every case.

Heel Spurs May Develop With Plantar Fasciitis

Dr. Pearl explains in her blog post that heel spurs can develop in more advanced cases of plantar fasciitis. In those cases, the surgeon can also remove the heel spurs during the same foot surgery. If necessary, the surgeon may also remove damaged tissue or a small portion of the heel bone to reduce tension and stimulate healing.

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Source: “What You Need to Know About Surgery for Plantar Fasciitis: Plantar Fascia Release surgery may be used in cases of severe plantar fasciitis that hasn’t responded to any of the non-surgical treatments of the condition.” By Janet Pearl, MD, MsC. Healthcare Blog: The Doctor Weighs In. September 2018.

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PUBLISHED 24 Sep, 2018

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