About Sinus Image-Guided Surgery

Due to the limited visibility and cramped space of the sinus cavity, sinus surgery can pose quite a challenge to even the most skilled surgeon. Thanks to frontrunners like those at miVIP Surgery Centers, an improved method of sinus surgery is now becoming increasingly popular.

With sinus-image-guided-surgery, the unique challenges of sinus surgery have become far simpler to manage. By making a 3D model of the sinus area via a computerized image, surgeons can get a definitive view of the area as they work. This greatly reduces the difficulty involved in navigating the nasal cavity blindly, and cuts back on possible damage to healthy tissue surrounding the affected areas.

How the Surgery is Performed

Using a CT scan to map out the nasal cavity, an image of the surgical area is streamed to a monitor. As the image is transferred from scan to monitor it is rendered 3D and magnified, allowing the surgeon greater visibility while performing the procedure. The surgeon’s tools are identified within the image, as a means to locate them at each step of the way.

This 3D image allows the surgeon to wield his or her tools with greater precision while performing the surgery. It also allows surgeons to better differentiate between diseased and healthy tissues, thus cutting back unnecessary injury to the area surrounding where the surgeon is working.

Meet the Staff

Melding new technology with exemplary surgical skills, miVIP surgeons are the gold standard when it comes to minimally invasive procedures. On the forefront of surgical advances, the innovative procedures performed at miVIP ensure patients recover faster and experience less discomfort, leading to a much easier medical experience.

Post-Procedure Care

While sinus-image-guided-surgery offers fewer complications as compared to conventional surgeries, you may still experience some level of discomfort after the procedure. It’s important to follow the physician’s instructions for post-surgery, including not lifting any heavy objects and slowly returning to normal physical activity. If you find yourself in extreme pain, it’s important you contact emergency services right away. Otherwise, please direct all medical questions to your surgery center.

Insurance Coverage and Pricing

Many procedures performed at miVIP surgical centers are covered by major insurance providers. In the event of a lapse in coverage, the staff at miVIP will work with you to devise an affordable payment plan you can live with.

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Sinus surgery can be a daunting prospect for most patients. With miVIP’s revolutionary sinus image-guided surgery, patients are assured a faster and more comfortable recovery. For more information on this and other procedures, please contact 855.496.4847.