Arthroscopy can be used to repair joints in the least invasive way possible. Your highly-skilled miVIP surgeon will use a small camera to see the inside the joint without making a large incision. This gives him or her the ability to pinpoint the exact location of the problem. This precision results in a better outcome and easier recovery.

miVIP’s orthopedic specialists use shoulder arthroscopy procedures to correct a number of conditions, including Inflamed joints due to arthritis, bone spurs and torn, damaged, or injured bicep tendons, labrums, ligaments or rotator cuffs. You may be a candidate for a knee arthroscopy if you have had a knee fracture; torn meniscus, ACL or posterior cruciate ligament; inflamed or damaged joint lining; misaligned kneecap, broken cartilage or swelling behind the knee.

Symptoms: pain, clicking, stiffness, redness, heat or swelling