Pain Management treatments at miVIP are specifically designed for chronic pain sufferers.

Our pain experts treat a variety of pain issues using both non-surgical and surgical techniques and technology. Whether you suffer from back pain, neck pain, joint pain, nerve pain, or foot and ankle pain, the miVIP pain management experts can help!

Does pain leave you with low energy, difficulty sleeping or trouble concentrating? Pain can negatively impact your quality of life, and is especially frustrating if you cannot eliminate it or determine its source.

A Minimally Invasive Approach to Pain Management

The pain specialists at miVIP focus on correctly diagnosing both the type and source of your pain so they can optimize your pain treatment. Pain may be acute or chronic and can stem from nerve damage, joint problems, an accident or sports injury. Pain can also be related to diseases like cancer or diabetes, among others.

Pain treatment is a specialized skill. The experts at miVIP are typically board-certified in anesthesiology and/or neurology, and have received advanced training to specialize in pain management. At miVIP, they generally use the least invasive treatment approaches available as a first step. Early, targeted treatment may include an expertly placed steroid injection to the specific joint or area of your body where you are experiencing pain. Alternatively, you might receive an epidural injection (with a steroid) to the section of your spine from which your pain is radiating along the nerves.

The pain management specialists at miVIP may recommend secondary treatments like physical therapy, acupuncture and massage to augment the treatments they provide. You might also be advised to make lifestyle changes that can help you manage your pain and improve your quality of life. Recommendations might include meditation, movement or psychological counseling to help you manage how you perceive pain, reducing associated emotional distress.

Minimally Invasive Surgery as Pain Treatment

When non-surgical pain treatments aren’t effective, the spine and pain experts at miVIP provide minimally invasive surgical procedures to minimize or resolve pain at its source. Surgical pain interventions might include spinal cord stimulation, radio-frequency ablation, or joint replacement procedures, among others.

Our outpatient facilities exceed national requirements for patient safety and quality assurance, and are affiliated with leading university hospitals. We provide a positive, nurturing environment with a personal touch so you’ll feel supported at every step of your treatment.

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