Gynecology / Women’s Health

miVIP works with world-class doctors to provide diagnostic evaluations and minimally invasive gynecological treatments for women experiencing a range of symptoms and conditions. Whether you are considering a robotic hysterectomy at a certain time in your life or wish to resolve gynecology symptoms such as abdominal pain, severe cramps, heavy bleeding with menstruation, pain with sex, or other concerns, miVIP can help.

No Primary Provider Referral Necessary. miVIP Gynecology Experts Offer Diagnosis and Treatment

Even if you already have a regular gynecologist, you can contact miVIP Surgery Centers to get a quick insurance verification and a referral to one of our partner physicians for an initial gynecology evaluation to determine your needs. miVIP specialists also offer second opinions—this is part of our VIP service!

Call miVIP at (844) 237-5067 for insurance verification and a referral to a doctor near you.

Advanced Gynecology Care and Women’s Health at miVIP

A gynecology specialist at miVIP will discuss your treatment options. If you and the doctor decide that surgery is your best treatment, you will be scheduled as an outpatient at miVIP Surgery Center, where we specialize in minimally invasive procedures. Our centers are equipped with the most advanced surgical equipment available, including the robotic da Vinci® Surgical System. Our surgeons and surgical support teams have expertise in robotic-assisted procedures and other innovative techniques, which they use to consistently achieve superior outcomes, garnering top patient satisfaction ratings nationwide.

Because they use advanced technology and minimally invasive methods, the gynecology experts at miVIP achieve greater precision, smaller incisions with less scarring and shorter procedure times so that patients will experience less pain and blood loss, fewer complications, excellent results, and a faster recovery.

Minimally invasive gynecological procedures at miVIP Surgery Centers are provided on an outpatient basis, and include:

Robotic hysterectomy – More advanced than a traditional hysterectomy that once took significant time and involved open abdominal surgery (and a sizeable scar), a robotic hysterectomy is much faster and gentler. The robotic da Vinci® Surgical System gives the surgeon greater dexterity and visibility, allowing for a much shorter procedure, and only four tiny incisions that are closed with dissolvable sutures.

Uterine fibroids removal / myomectomy – This procedure removes myomas or uterine fibroids, which can cause fertility problems and symptoms such as severe pain, heavy bleeding, and pain with intercourse.

Endometriosis resection -During this treatment for endometriosis, excess uterine tissue and adhesions in the reproductive system may be removed by the surgeon with the assistance of the robotic da Vinci Surgical System. Minimally invasive techniques are used to eliminate associated pain and heavy bleeding, preserve or restore fertility, and ensure minimal scarring inside and out.

Other Gynecological Conditions Treated by miVIP Experts

miVIP Surgery Centers offer patients many minimally invasive gynecology treatments for a range of conditions that also include:

For a complete list of conditions and related procedures, visit our Gynecology Conditions page.

Stop the pain and discomfort with miVIP, the leaders in minimally invasive gynecology care.

miVIP puts the future in a surgeons’ hands. By providing robotic equipment, other innovative technologies, and an elite surgical support team to our world-class gynecologists, we enable them to provide the most advanced surgeries in healthcare today. This results in greater precision, reduced risk of complications, less pain and blood loss, better outcomes, a faster recovery and minimal scarring. Our facilities meet or exceed national benchmarks for safety and quality assurance, and fulfill the highest certification standards set by the Joint Commission.

Contact miVIP today at (844) 237-5067 to learn more about minimally invasive gynecological treatments.

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