Quick and Safe Relief for Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a painful condition in which the nerves exiting the spinal column become gradually compressed, causing discomfort and loss of mobility. Our leading board-certified surgeons at miVIP are experts in treating this common problem. There are several kinds of cervical spine surgery and lumbar spine surgery that can be performed with minimal trauma, short recovery time, and little to no hospital stay. These procedures can “decompress” your spinal nerves and relieve chronic pain in a matter of hours.

How Is a Laminectomy Performed?

The lamina is a section of the vertebral bone which often presses on nerves, causing severe and chronic pain. In a laminectomy or laminotomy, some or all of this bone is removed, freeing your spinal nerves and taking away the cause of your back discomfort. Traditional spinal surgery often involves long incisions of three inches or more and considerable trauma to the back muscles. At miVIP, we offer minimally invasive procedures that use very small incisions (no more than one inch long) and avoid the cutting and pulling of sensitive back muscles.

In an endoscopic (minimally invasive) procedure, a small tube is inserted into the back and progressively expanded to allow tiny surgical instruments to pass through. A miniature viewing camera (endoscope) is also inserted through the tube to guide our expert surgeons in the procedure. Once the damaged tissue is identified, the surgeon removes the part of the lamina that is pressing on your nerve and causing pain. Many patients report almost immediate relief from pain as soon as sufficient space is created to allow the nerve to pass through.

Who Is a Candidate for Laminectomy?

If you suffer from spinal stenosis or other degenerative problems of the spine, you may benefit from a minimally invasive laminectomy or laminotomy. Stenosis and related debilitating conditions can cause any or all of the following symptoms:

  • Severe burning or aching pain, often growing worse with activity
  • Numbness, tingling, or weakness
  • Difficulty in using the lower body, including the legs and feet
  • Partial or total incontinence
These painful and inconvenient symptoms can be successfully treated with minimally invasive spinal surgery. If you are unsure about the condition of your spine, our expert doctors at miVIP can work with you to arrange diagnostic procedures such as MRIs, CT scans, electromyograms, and X-rays. It is usually possible to identify the exact areas of stenosis and plan treatment accordingly. If non-invasive techniques such as medication and rest prove ineffective, you may be a good candidate for minimally invasive spinal surgery to relieve your pain and related symptoms.

Why Choose Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery?

Less invasive surgical procedures have many benefits when considered alongside traditional surgery. These benefits include:

  • Much less trauma to the surgical site and surrounding tissue
  • Decreased loss of blood
  • Local anesthetic and IV sedation rather than general anesthesia
  • Less scarring
  • Less time spent in the hospital
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Decreased need for pain medication after surgery
  • Quicker return to work and other activities of daily life

What Can You Expect After Your Laminectomy?

Even a minimally invasive surgical procedure still causes some pain and disruption to the body. The recovery period is much shorter than it would be for traditional surgery, but some rehabilitation is still required. Serious complications are rare. The recovery process always includes a certain amount of discomfort while the spine heals and readjusts to its new state. Over-the-counter medications are often sufficient to treat this pain. Our doctors at miVIP can help you arrange physical therapy to start restoring your full range of mobility after surgery.

Every patient’s experience is different in the months following a laminectomy or laminotomy. Many people find complete or near-complete relief from pain. Other people need to undergo additional surgeries or other treatments to deal with their spinal stenosis. Even if full, permanent healing is not possible, laminectomy or laminotomy can often increase quality of life by a considerable factor. Some chronic pain patients have found it to be a life-changing procedure.

How Much Will Your Surgery Cost?

We understand at miVIP that every patient’s financial situation is different. We accept most forms of PPO and POS insurance. You may incur some out-of-pocket expenses for your spinal decompression surgery, or be required to meet a deductible. Our representatives are always available at 855.496.4847. We will be happy to consult with you and help you design a personal payment plan for your medical procedure.

Choosing Spinal Decompression Surgery for a Pain-Free Life

Have you suffered from chronic back pain for many years? Have you unsuccessfully sought relief from the symptoms of spinal stenosis or other back problems? You don’t have to suffer any longer. Contact us at miVIP today to discuss your options. With minimally invasive spinal surgery, you can improve your quality of life and remain pain-free for years to come.

Whatever questions you may have, your miVIP provider is always delighted to talk with you and offer personalized advice on your medical situation. Call us at 855.496.4847 today for a free consultation.