Prostate Cancer Expert, Dr. Sanjay Razdan

Catching Prostate Cancer Early Is Critical

Prostate cancer is the second most common cause of cancer-related death in America, and one in six men will be diagnosed with the disease in their lifetime, according to Sanjay Razdan, MD, a urology physician and prostate cancer expert who serves as the Director of Robotic Urology at miVIP Surgery Centers in Florida.

In an interview that was featured in the August/September 2018 issue of Live Doral Magazine, Dr. Razdan explains that most patients with early stage prostate cancer have no symptoms, which is why early detection is key. What are the early warning signs of prostate cancer?
  • Frequent urination
  • Straining
  • Poor urinary stream
  • Blood in the urine and semen
  • Elevated PSA
These are red flags that require a consultation with urology specialist. The goal for achieving the best possible health outcome, says Dr. Razdan, is early detection with a cancer screening that involves a simple blood test and a prostate exam with your urologist. 

Prostate Cancer Screening … the PSA Test

An initial screening for prostate cancer is a blood screening called a prostate specific antigen test, or PSA test. When combined with a prostate exam by your urologist, this screening can help in early diagnosis and prompt treatment of cancer. When the Live Doral Magazine editor asked Dr. Razdan when a man should get a PSA test, he recommended that any man over 50 years of age should get a PSA evaluation done if he is concerned about his urological health–particularly if he has experienced some of the early warning signs for prostate problems or has a family history of prostate cancer. A man who has genetic and racial factors that put him at increased risk for prostate cancer may require screening at an earlier age, even as early as age 40.
“A simple blood test can go a long way to preventing deaths from prostate cancer,” says Dr. Sanjay Razdan.

Prostate Cancer Risk Factors

Family history of prostate cancer is the most important risk factor for developing the disease. If anyone in your family like your father, brother or cousin have it, you are at higher risk and need to be checked. In addition, African American men and Hispanics have a higher incidence of prostate cancer. Besides these genetic and racial factors, being overweight, lack of exercise, and smoking put you at risk for developing prostate cancer. 

Prostate Cancer Treatment

Dr. Razdan’s interview with Live Doral Magazine also covered his recommendations for treatment. The doctor explained that there are many different treatment options, depending on the stage of the cancer and the age of the patient. For early stage cancer in younger men the “gold standard” is robotic prostatectomy performed by an experienced urologist. Besides robotic prostate surgery, radiation and cryoablation (freezing) are other treatment options. Even in advanced disease, robotic prostate surgery (robotic prostatectomy) can sometimes prolong life and improve the quality of life.

A Urologist’s Perspective on Robotic Prostatectomy

The Live Doral Magazine editor asked Dr. Razdan to elaborate more on the role of robotics in treating prostate cancer. “The da Vinci® Robotic System has revolutionized the treatment of prostate cancer,” said Dr. Razdan. He discussed how the surgical system’s computer screen provides the surgeon with 3D vision and 10X magnification for better visibility which, along with increased manual dexterity and high-precision instruments, translates to better results.

“At miVIP Surgery Centers we have the latest da Vinci Robotic System and have a world class team performing robotic prostate surgery on an outpatient basis,” continued Dr. Razdan. “We were the first in Florida and among the first in the U.S. to perform outpatient robotic prostatectomy. Experience counts when it comes to treating prostate cancer, and at miVIP we have successfully performed thousands of robotic prostatectomies. We perform them on a routine basis with excellent results and patient satisfaction.” Like other urologic oncology surgeons at miVIP Surgery Centers, Dr. Razdan has many years of experience performing robotic prostatectomies and, like his colleagues, has modified his technique over the years to improve results in terms of cancer cure, urinary continence and sexual function.

“Over 95% of our patients have urinary control within days to weeks of surgery, and the vast majority of them have return of sexual function within 3-6 months,” reports Dr. Razdan.

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Source: “Dr. Sanjay Razdan: Urology Physician and Prostate Cancer Expert.” By Editorial Staff, Live Doral Magazine, Aug-Sept 2018.
English-language version of original article: pages 24-25.
Spanish-language version of original article: pages 22-23.

Image Credit: Live Doral Magazine, Dr. Sanjay Razdan, and miVIP Surgery Centers

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PUBLISHED 10 Sep, 2018

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