Infographic: How Minimally Invasive Surgery Helps Patients

Learning you need surgery is never an easy thing to hear. But it’s easier when you know an expert surgeon can provide minimally invasive surgery for the best possible outcome and a faster recovery.

What is minimally invasive surgery?

Unlike traditional open surgery, minimally invasive surgery involves the smallest possible surgical incisions to minimize trauma to the patient’s body. A surgeon with specialized skills in robotics, laparoscopy, arthroscopy or endoscopy performs the procedure using very small instruments and a miniature camera on an endoscope. The camera scope is inserted through tiny “keyhole” incisions to reach internal organs. The scope allows the surgeon to view magnified images on screens in the operating room.

Surgeons performing robotic-assisted surgery using the da Vinci Surgical System and similar technology have additional medical training in the least invasive techniques. This additional specialization allows for a more precise surgery than is possible with traditional instruments and methods. When minimally invasive surgery is a treatment option, surgeons prefer it because it offers patients greater potential benefits, including less tissue damage or blood loss, reduced pain, minimal scarring and a faster recovery.

Minimally Invasive Surgery at miVIP Surgery Centers

If you need surgery, but are nervous about it, ask your physician about minimally invasive treatment options. The world-class, board-certified surgeons at miVIP Surgery Centers were among the first in the United States to utilize robotic surgical equipment and other advanced technologies. Surgeons at miVIP have performed hundreds to thousands of successful robotic-assisted surgeries with excellent patient outcomes and provide leadership in minimally invasive surgery to other surgeons seeking to enhance their skills.

Taking patient care to the next level, miVIP Surgery Centers match each patient to a Patient Advocate, who helps coordinate all the steps before, during and after treatment. Once your surgery at miVIP has been scheduled, an miVIP Patient Advocate will connect with you to provide VIP-level healthcare support to guide you through your patient journey. In addition to providing unparalleled minimally invasive treatments at miVIP, we also strive to elevate the healthcare experience by making every patient feel very important — like a VIP!

The Patient Journey Infographic

This infographic illustrates how minimally invasive surgery and VIP patient support at miVIP Surgery Centers can improve your outcome and speed up your recovery. Follow the roadmap of steps to see how miVIP supports you through the entire patient journey before, during and after treatment.

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PUBLISHED 2 Oct, 2018

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