Gastric Sleeve Success Story, Hovannesya

After Gastric Sleeve, Fashion Designer Loves Her Body

Twenty-six-year-old fashion designer, Tatty Hovannesya, lost 110 pounds after gastric sleeve surgery, which has helped her love her body and embrace a healthier lifestyle. She once weighed 250 pounds and felt too embarrassed to go out with her friends. In fact, going out gave her anxiety, and she particularly hated eating in public.

Currently weighing a slender 140 pounds, Hovannesya told PEOPLE magazine that she now enjoys dressing up, and is always ready for a girls’ night out these days. She has been wearing all her favorite fashions. She is also learning to enjoy eating in public, and is more physically active than she used to be, participating in activities like swimming.

Dieting Never Worked for Her

According to the PEOPLE article, Hovannesya had gained weight by over-indulging her sweet tooth and not exercising. She tried multiple diets, but could never lose the weight. After several dieting attempts failed, Hovannesya underwent bariatric surgery in 2016.

What Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Also known as a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, gastric sleeve surgery is the most requested weight loss surgery at surgery clinics across the country, including miVIP Surgery Centers where it is offered as a minimally invasive procedure. The gastric sleeve procedure changes the shape of the stomach, reducing its size yet retaining its natural function. This is a “restrictive” approach whereby the bariatric surgeon creates a “sleeve” with surgical staples to reduce the stomach’s size by as much as 85%, thus restricting food intake. Less invasive than the more conventional gastric bypass surgery, a gastric sleeve may be performed on its own or as the first stage of a gastric bypass. Some surgeons specialize in performing robotic-assisted gastric sleeve with smaller incisions for less tissue damage and a faster post-surgery recovery time.

Gastric Sleeve Delivers Dramatic Results

The gastric sleeve procedure helped Hovannesya lose a dramatic amount of weight. She reports that following the surgery, she had to reduce her food portions since her stomach was smaller. The surgery helped her lose weight at a fairly rapid pace, boosted her confidence and kept her motivated.

She also started eating more fruits and vegetables and limiting sweets to just one day a week, so she felt less deprived. Hovannesya refers to her one day of indulgence every weekend as her “cheat day,” which helps her stay away from sweets for the rest of the week.

Despite her one-day-a-week cheat day, Hovannesya continued losing weight.

“Every time I stood on the scale and saw the difference, it would keep me going,” said Hovannesya. The compliments didn’t hurt either, she says.

Just five pounds shy of her ultimate goal weight of 135 pounds, Hovannesya feels like things need to be tightened up a bit, and plans to have a breast lift, arm lift and a thigh lift.

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PUBLISHED 15 Feb, 2019

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