Do I Qualify For Weight Loss Surgery?

If your weight is negatively impacting your health, five key factors can help you decide if weight loss surgery is right for you.

According to the CDC, 36.5% of Americans are obese.

If you’re struggling with obesity and concerned it is impacting your health, you’re not alone. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one-third, or 36.5%, of Americans are obese. For many, the condition has impacted their health to such a degree that surgical intervention may be necessary.

The choice to pursue a bariatric surgery is a major, life-changing decision. A complete understanding of the ramifications of that choice—for you and your loved ones—is critical. Weight loss surgery like gastric sleeve, gastric bypass or gastric band may be an option if you meet two or more of these 5 factors:

  • Your prior attempts to lose weight by dieting and exercise have failed
  • Your body mass index, or BMI, is 40 or higher
  • Your blood pressure has dramatically increased
  • You’ve developed type 2 diabetes
  • You’ve developed another serious weight-related health complication

In addition to health complications like type 2 diabetes, obesity can make sleep apnea more likely, adding exhaustion and fatigue to the number of issues that obesity can produce. The most concerning of these potential complications is heart disease.

In the last decade, major advances in surgical procedures—such as the use of the da Vinci Surgery System, a robot-assisted surgical device—have helped physicians with patients seeking surgical solutions for obesity.

At miVIP Surgery Centers, our physicians are skilled in the use of the da Vinci Surgery System in bariatrics, such as gastric sleeve and gastric bypass procedures.

Patients who undergo the gastric sleeve procedure typically lose around 55% of their excess body weight over a period of two to three years.

While less common, the gastric bypass is also an effective treatment option for obese candidates, but only for those with a BMI that greater than 50.

If you’ve decided to pursue a bariatric surgical procedure, and your physician suggests surgery, the da Vinci Surgery System should be a topic of discussion.

The device allows trained surgeons to operate through tiny incisions in the abdomen instead of larger ones.

This minimally invasive approach provides bariatric patients with superior results when compared to traditional (non-robotic) or scope-assisted procedures.

Also, the da Vinci Surgery System offers skilled physicians a 3D-HD view inside the body. Along with this enhanced visual support, increased surgical precision is achieved with the use of wristed instruments that bend and rotate to a greater degree than the human hand.

With the use of the da Vinci Surgery System, recovery is shorter, scarring is minimal, and the risk of post-procedural complications is dramatically reduced.

For more information about weight loss surgery or the da Vinci Surgical System, please call (855) 516-4847 today to speak with one of our dedicated patient advocates.

At miVIP Surgery Centers, we combine unparalleled patient care with enthusiastic customer service to achieve the best outcomes for our minimally invasive surgery patients each and every time.

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PUBLISHED 4 Nov, 2016

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