Weight loss surgery success story Jonathan Dichter, by Kevin Clark / The Herald

Weight Loss Surgery Helps Book Author Lose 200 Pounds

Weight loss surgery helped Jonathan Dichter, author of the best-selling book, Sleeve Life: Losing Half of Myself and Finding the Rest, lose nearly 200 pounds and turn his life around, reports Evan Thompson in a feature article for The Herald, a news outlet in Everett, Washington.

Three years ago, Dichter weighed more than 400 pounds. He had spent years trying various diet programs to lose weight, with only limited or temporary success. Fearful that he might die before the age of 40, leaving behind his 8-year-old daughter to grow up without him, Dichter decided to do something more dramatic to manage his obesity and his health.

According to The Herald article, Dichter underwent a gastric sleeve surgery in 2016, which finally helped him lose the weight and provided the motivation he needed to keep it off. While Dichter is careful to point out that the gastric sleeve and other types of bariatric surgery are not simply magic bullets that cure obesity, he says it gave him the “kick-start” he needed, helping him lose more weight at a faster pace.

Dichter emphasizes that maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle still requires work. However, he credits the gastric sleeve surgery (gastrectomy) with helping him retrain his mind and body to eat and behave differently—in ways that have improved his overall health and transformed his life. 

After the surgery helped him lose weight, Dichter started running again to get into better shape. He also became more active in other ways, such as doing more auditioning for local theatre productions. These are things he had always dreamed of doing, but thought he couldn’t due to his obesity. 

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Source: “The Chat: Weight-loss surgery gives Bothell man second chance at life.” By Evan Thompson, The Herald.

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PUBLISHED 28 Jun, 2018

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