Weight-loss surgery allows for more exercise

Weight-Loss Surgery: Is It Right for You?

People who have tried losing weight through diet and exercise, but are still more than 50 pounds overweight, may consider weight-loss surgery as a solution. Weight-loss surgery such as gastric sleeve, gastric band, or gastric bypass, can be beneficial to people whose weight is causing related problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, joint pain or physical and emotional difficulties.

miVIP Surgery Centers: Your Weight-Loss Solution

The surgical weight loss specialty at miVIP Surgery Centers is a full-service program. At miVIP, we provide weight-loss candidates with access to expert bariatric surgeons who have performed thousands of successful surgeries. Our top surgeons work closely with everyone on the miVIP Bariatrics Team to make sure each candidate receives one-on-one support at every step. Weight loss is an emotional journey, so it is important that bariatrics patients choose a program that offers comprehensive support. At miVIP, we help with everything from nutritional education, counseling, handling insurance details for you, and more.

You Are Not Alone! At miVIP, You Are Part of Our Weight-Loss Family

We have helped thousands of people lose weight with minimally invasive surgery and the support of our program. Your weight-loss journey at miVIP includes an initial consultation and pre-screening, nutritional guidance, psychological evaluation, surgery, aftercare and optional ground transportation to all your treatment-related appointments.

In addition to weight-loss surgery with a top miVIP surgeon using precision robotics, here are the VIP services included in the weight-loss program at miVIP:

  • Initial consultation & education on weight-loss surgery options
  • Physical evaluation & qualification
  • Dietary specialist consultation
  • Nutritional counseling, customized diet
  • Psychological/emotional counseling
  • Ground transportation (optional)
  • Post-op aftercare hotel room (1-2 nights, as needed)
  • Patient Advocate (personal medical concierge)
  • Follow-up appointments

Weight-Loss Surgery Is a Commitment

Weight loss surgery is considered a major surgery, and the patient must prepare for it. To make things easier, the miVIP team takes care of verifying that all the pre-op tests and appointments are covered by the patient’s insurance.

weight-loss surgery patient

Glori’s progress after gastric sleeve weight-loss surgery.

“I hadn’t realized how many tests would be required for weight-loss surgery, so it was really helpful that miVIP conveniently grouped multiple things together into each appointment for me,” says Glori, who recently underwent a gastric sleeve procedure at miVIP. “For example, they made sure to schedule my labs, ultrasound and nutritional counseling on the same day, which simplified the pre-op process for me.”

For further convenience, a Patient Advocate can schedule a car to pick the patient up and take them to all related appointments.

“My pre-op testing involved a full medical evaluation that included a sleep study, an EKG, and an MRI to make sure I was healthy enough to proceed with surgery, but my Patient Advocate made the process so easy for me!” adds Glori. “She explained each step and always made sure to send the car to bring me to every appointment, which made it feel personalized and special.”

Watch a short video featuring Glori and her surgeon

Do You Have the Tools You Need to Succeed?

Before you move forward with weight-loss surgery, make sure that the doctor and the program you choose will provide you with all the information and guidance you will need before, during and after surgery. Bariatric surgery means committing yourself to a new lifestyle—a new way of eating, and even thinking about food. Does your program provide sufficient tools and support for success?

At miVIP, the Bariatrics Team provides education about diet and the surgery, as well as a booklet that illustrates our step-by-step approach to handling each phase of the weight-loss journey. The booklet walks you through the pre-surgery diet stages, what to expect the day of surgery, and how to handle the diet transitions after surgery to ensure your recovery goes smoothly and that you start dropping weight at the right pace. If you have questions about your progress or the guidelines laid out in the booklet, you can reach out to the miVIP Patient Advocate or another team member to get all your questions answered.

Congratulations on your decision to consider taking the next step toward a healthier you! To learn more about different types of weight-loss surgery offered at miVIP and how to qualify, call 866-463-5154.

PUBLISHED 3 Jan, 2019

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